What is it

Imagine you are playing an online game showing that you are in critical stage, your internet is paused and showing slow response time suddenly because your mum is watching an online movie, your dad is in video conference, your sister is doing exercise with following a famous youtuber and there are three webcams monitoring your home garden and the garage.…

A high bandwidth and high speed optical fiber connecting to your home will deliver a superb smooth internet experience, no delay, no time lagging and no need to wait for buffering, to every member in your family.

We deliver high quality indoor and outdoor fibers, wall mount boxes, faceplates, field termination fiber connectors, cable management system, optical distribution frames, drop cables.



What are the benefits of fiber optics for internet users?

Fiber internet is a great option for high-bandwidth homes where multiple users want to stream video, back up data, or send and receive large files at the same time, especially over long distances. Fiber-connected homes can provide a superior experience for all devices and internet-connected systems, from home security to smart thermostats, ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances. With faster speeds, you also won’t get as much buffering with on-demand streaming. “Buffering” refers to the loading time that occurs when the video is paused and must catch up.


Indoor fiber optic cable structure

Composite Drop Cable

OptiBox 24 termination box

Shuttered Hybrid Faceplate