What is it

Fire resistant cables are often used to maintain circuit integrity of those vital life safety systems such as fire alarms and public address system.

They can operate as normal within fire conditions. Fire resistant cables can play a key role in making buildings safer as they power or connect critical safety systems such as
CCTV systems, emergency lighting, PA systems, and fire alarms. Infinitẽ’s cables for emergency systems installation are available with all relevant certifications for circuit integrity and fire resistance. Our products are repeatedly approved by the Hong Kong Fire Service Department.Infinitẽ Cable System is equipped with the necessary fire resistance certification for our copper cable and fiber cable. It is called the FIRECARE FR-LS series. These products are widely applied at the different railway projects such as
Express Rail Link and Shatin to Central Link in Hong Kong.



  • Public Address System
  • Indoor Railway Stations
  • Railway Stations Interconnections
  • CCTV Camera System
  • Security System

Our FIRECARE fire resistant LSZH cables comply with related fire performance requirements as below:

  • Fire resistance IEC 60331, BS 6387 CWZ
  • Flammability ASTM D-2863, ISO 4589-2 & 3
  • Flame propagation IEC 60332-1 & 3C
  • Gas Emission IEC 60754-1 & 2
  • Smoke Emission IEC 61034-2

Many people in fires die from smoke inhalation and its released toxic elements than any other cause. Cables with fire resistant, fire retardant and low smoke zero halogen features help to hinder fire spreading and release of toxic elements.

We deliver standard rated BS 6387, IEC 60331 fire resistant cables, IEC 60332 fire retardant cable. Low smoke zero halogen (IEC 60754 and IEC 61034) cables is our basic requirement.

  • OUOC21500 Fire resistance fiber optic cable
  • INOC3100 / INF1310 Indoor LSZH fiber cable
  • INF 1087 indoor LSZH drop cable