What is railway system

Railway development is always an important part of a city’s infrastructure planning.

Rail is a long vehicle that allows a massive number of passengers to travel over a track for a long distance at high speed. This is the main idea for most people. However, for Infinite Cable System, a railway system is the backend production which is providing different functions in the railway stations.

  • Able to inform people to leave the station when the accident occurs (PA address system)
  • Provide surveillance service for security purposes (CCTV system)
  • Provide signal to open and close doors at the platforms etc.

Our Clients

  • System Integrator
  • End User (public railway company)
  • Contractors
  • Private Railway Company



We have provided our media and video converters with the associated cabling systems in CCTV Surveillance
System and Passenger Information Display (PID) System of MTR Express Rail Link (XRL) and Shatin to Central Link (SCL) Projects.

  • OUOC21500 Fire resistance fiber cable (INF1215# )
  • Media convertor (INFM-10_100_1000MMC)
  • INOC31000 indoor LSZH fiber optic cable
  • Telephone cable (TE-201-2P / 25P)
  • Coaxial cable INC6059 (RG59 or RG6)