We successfully completed a project for a residential CCTV surveillance system in Inagi City, Tokyo with KDDI Engineering in 2015. KDDI Engineering is a subsidiary of KDDI Group, a leading Japanese telecommunications operator providing the total solution of
information and communication technologies.

This is a pilot project to enhance security in residential zones and executed by KDDI Japan. The projects of residential CCTV system will be rolled out at the different cities. In this project, we have supplied the total solution of physical layer infrastructure, including optical fiber cables, media converters and related accessories. Moreover, we have worked closely with KDDI engineers on the system design and provided them the technical support.

Media Converter

We provide high quality and stable video transmission. Therefore, we set our media converters in each building. Signals from CCTV were transported to the control room while passing through media converters. We believe our total solution (physical layer infrastructure) and professional services which help us to build a long-term business relationship with the customer.